Friday, 22 May 2015

Weeping Bolete --- Suillus granulatus

 Suillus granulatus was found in Pembrey Forest a few days ago.  Books say it is a 'late-season' species so surprising to find it in May.  Two clumps of 4or 5 fb's were seen.  The red/brown spore colour is seen on a cap that was sitting beneath another.  The common name 'Weeping' refers to the abundant drops of milky liquid which form on the pores, particularly in young fb's.  This species grows with Pines. Slugs have a feast!

One for Dr Stringer....

I found these growths of butcher`s broom in Stradey Woods, Llanelli recently and I know that I`ve asked Nigel Stringer about them before (when I incorrectly thought that it may be rust) - it may be the same or similar to what can also be found on holly leaves. Over to Nigel Stringer to i/d please, if possible (photo below)....

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Xerula radicata

Rooting Shank

Somewhat confusing species to identify. Bucsacki describes it as "highly variable",and even the literature doesn't seem to agree with itself. The gills are described as "slightly decurrent" in some sources, whilst other state they are either adnexed or slightly decurrent. Had me confused for a while! (in this specimen they are adnexed).
I think the real clue are the "roots" at the base of the stem which went down a good 5cm under the ground.

These were growing (amongst the nettles - I have the stings to prove it!) in a small clump on what appeared to be a piece of buried branch.
Not rare, but only the second agaric I have found in my wood this year.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Kretzschmaria deusta at Pont Felin Gat

I was baffled as to the identity of this prominent black crust with associated white bits on a Sycamore near Pont Felin Gat, but browsing through the Carmarthenshire Fungi Blog (which I don't read nearly as often as I should!) gave the unwelcome answer.

More positive were the two Adoxa rusts, IDed for Barry Stewart and me by Nigel, and a very large colony of the lichen Sticta sylvatica.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

St George's Mushroom

St George's Mushroom Calocybe (Tricholoma) gambosa
A couple of days before 'St George's day' I found these on a public footpath close to Ffrwd Fen, Pembrey.  I have seen them at the same spot for several years but this time they were smaller than usual as it has been so dry.  The patch with a dozen or so fb's does not seem to increase in size from year to year.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Pembrey Forest --- further search

 At last found the Morchella elata on the track Tony had indicated.  They look very sorry and dried up, quite difficult to spot so must have walked past them previously --- Colin probably did as well.
The M.esculenta look little better ---- so full of sand that I do not think these are very 'esculent'.
The Parasola (ex-Coprinus) species looks more happy but left this alone so no microscopy done.
No Scutellinia seen today where I walked.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

More Morels . . . . . . .

Many thanks for the directions Philip, managed to find the black morels you mentioned - not the sort of place you bump into though is it? Also plenty of a sp. of  Coprinus, which I will check the spores on later. Also near one black morel was a mass of  eyelash fungi (Scutellinia sp.) Peter Thompson describes S. pseudotrechispora as " Found growing in woods, on damp often peaty soil of woodland rides and sometimes in wheel ruts" which could fit the bill, the spore sizes and shape match as well.