Friday, 20 October 2017

Fungus Day Bears Fruit

I've written a blog about this year's Fungus Day.
I've looked back a few years to when we started. Let me know if I've forgotten something or someone .... Ta, Bruce

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sandbanks foray 7th October 2017

Joint meeting with the local Wildlife Trust and Llanelli Naturalists.

In November 2014 Dad identified a Piggyback Rosegill (Volvariella surrecta) growing on Clouded Funnel (Clitocybe nebularis). A first record for Wales.
On the foray we spotted some small balls growing on Clouded Funnel. We hoped they would turn out to be more Piggyback Rosegill. We watched and waited with excitement and weren't disappointed.
1. Tiny balls spotted on the 7th.
2. Five days later the balls grew bigger. (12th)
3. By the next day they had split open. (13th)
4. On the 14th their caps had emerged.
5. On the 15th they were fully formed. 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Small brown Asco??

 Philip, I wonder if you would  have any idea what this small brown cup fungus might be. Stephanie found it on Saturday at Pont Felin Gat. It measured about 8mm across and seemed to have a bit of a thread as a root. It was on recently cleared ground at the top where the beech trees have been cleared, but there was no sign of burnt ground.

The asci tips did turn blue with iodine and were about 125-140 x 7-8 µm and spores measured ~ 10x5 µm

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Geastrum lageniforme = Flask-shaped Earthstar

This small earthstar was found by Stephanie in Penybedd plantation at the begining of Oct.  As the spore sac is so small I think this must be G.lageniforme.  It is similar to G.triplex with rather thick rays but, although these may crack, it does not form a collar.  The spore sac is just 1-2 cm wide (G.triplex has spore sac 2-4 cm). 

This is G.lageniforme from Pembrey Country Park found lat year.  Many features are the same as with G.triplex including the periostome (sac opening).  It is a RDL (red data list) species with fewer than 50 records on the BMS database.  Of these, several records are from Wales.

Friday, 13 October 2017

The 'Stars'

i just love all these




Some recent fungus finds.

We shall shortly be adding our list from our recent jaunt  in Sandbanks Wood, but in the meantime I have added a few interesting species from round and about over the last week or so. I've added  a name but please add a comment if you think it may be something else

Crystolepiota bucknalii

This small mushroom is from the cycle track above Lleidi Reservoir. It looked nothing from above but on turning it over it has it had a lovely purple stem. It seems to me to look like Crystolepiota bucknalii, the spores to had the same rowing-boat shape as Lepiota cristata.

Hydnellum spongiosipes (?)

This was in Troserch Wood, looked like a bracket fungus, growing around the base of an oak tree.  The spores were also a vey odd shape, nodules all over the place. Broke a piece off to take home and it was only then I realised that it was a tooth fungus, with tiny teeth hanging down instead of gills. Being on oak narrows it down a bit so could be Velvet Tooth, Hydnellum spongiosipes.

In Pembrey Forest there was this mass of orange cup fungus. The largest being about 15mm across. The spores were really pretty and not like anything I've seen before. The British Mycological Soceity has a facebook page and I put it on there, asking what it might be and they have suggested it was Pulvinula convexella, of which there are only a few Welsh records.

Pulvinula convexella.

Also in Pebrey Forest, within 100 yards of the above, were two Otidea species, which I make to be Hare's Ear, Otidea onotica, on the right and Toad's Ear, Otidea bufonia on the left.

Otidea bufonia and Otidea onotica.

Hope to see everybody on Sunday.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Pont Felin Gat on Saturday

Prior to National Fungus Day on Sunday we did think of a stroll around Pont Felin Gat on the Saturday before to (hopefully?) get a few items for Tony's Table. I was thinking of starting at about 11.00 am, if anyone is interested please come along. If you can't make it then please have a look around wherever you are for something to bring along for the table. It certainly seems to be a bit of a focus point for the day itself.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Earthstar in Penybedd Wood.

These two were growing very close together in Penybedd Wood. Do you think the one on the right could be a Sessile earthstar, Geastrum fimbriatum, or just another Collared earthstar that has lost its collar somehow?

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

4th Oct 2017 at NBGW

Jan Crowden found this under the Hornbeam in the Carpark , so I had to see it for myself today - Black Helvella , Helvella lacunosa .

Tuesday 3rd Oct at NBGW

This was found at the NBGW on the side of the track , opposite the Spring Woods. It was a puzzle for me . I made a spore print overnight and it produced a dark brown spore pattern. The colours on the cap were mostly sandy yellow with tinges of green and blue on the edges. The fickle finger of a total beginner seems to point to Stropharia pseudocyanea ? I hope to make the Sandbanks foray on Saturday..

Don't forget our Foray this Saturday

At Sandbanks, Llanllwch - Di and Emily's wood.

Meet at the Carmarthen 'Park-and Ride' off the A48 west of Carmarthen, SN 382190, 2.00pm.  Joint meeting with Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales and Llanelli Naturalists.

Wales Fungus Day

I'm hosting the 6th annual Fungus Day at the Botanic Garden on Sunday 15th October.

The usual mix of fungal forays, stalls, displays, trails and even ballet this year.
Tony's Table, our tribute to the much missed Tony Ivens, is the guaranteed hit of the event - a display of fresh fungal fruiting bodies. Virtually every visitor came to this table.
Could I encourage any of you who are coming to this event to collect and bring along exhibits for this table. I noticed last year how popular were the smellies (stinkhorn and sulphur knight), the dainty (for those who came for the fairy bits), the colourful waxcaps and russsulas, the poisoners hand the huge brackets. 
If you can't ID everything, hopefully we'll have people on hand to help out.
Here's the link to the event....

Hope to see you.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Tremella steidleri = Brown Brain

Tremella steidleri = Brown Brain is another splendid find by Stephanie.  

This is nothing special to look at and many of us would probably ignore it even if we spotted it on a decaying branch.
This is considered a rare find with just 18 or so UK records (FRDBI have 28 but several are duplicates) and a Red Data List / Near Threatened species. 

First found 27/9/1980 from Devon closely followed by a find at Park Mill, Gower on 12/10/1980!  Another Gower find was made by Peter Roberts (one time at Kew mycology, now retired) from Gelli Hir nature reserve which borders Fairwood Common, Gower.

Stephanie found this at Penybedd Wood, the wooded area over railway bridge leading to Pembrey Country Park.

Tremella species are found on different woody substrated but, in fact, are parasitic on another fungus living on the wood.  If lucky the host fungus might be seen but often this is not obvious.  The associated fungus with T steidleri is the very common Sterium hirsutum, HairynCurtain Crust.  This is also host to the more common Tremella aurantia (no common name surprisingly).
Yellow Brain, Tremella mesenterica (rather similar to T.aurantia) is parasitic on Peniophora species , P incarnata in particular and common on Gorse.  Sometimes T mesenterica is found on the upper side of a Gorse branch and the Peniophora on the underside.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Visit to Ynysdawela Nature Park Thursday 5th October 2:00 p.m.


If anyone would like to visit Ynysdawela Nature Park in Upper Brynamman on Thursday afternoon  from 2:00 p.m.for a couple of hours then I would be happy to show them around. It is a mixture of habitats - wet meadows, woodland and colonised colliery spoil and has good potential for a range of fungi. We (the Council) have been managing the meadows for the marsh fritillary butterfly and the woodlands for dormice). Your interest/expertise would be welcomed. If you would like to come please contact me on and I can send you details of how to get to the site. If there are a few of you then car sharing from Ammanford might be a good idea.


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Suillus collinitus --- no common name

Stephanie saw these Suillus collinitus at Pembrey Harbour, on a bank at side of road leading to Lifeboat station. It is an uncommon bolete and associated with pines.  It was found by both Maurice Rotheroe and Geoffrey Kibby (author of book on boletes) in Pembrey CPark / forest during a BMS foray 1994, based in Swansea.  I have never seen this myself except for these, spotted by Stephanie.
 All the fungi were along this bank at the edge of the road some way from the Pinus nigra ssp laricio.  Shows how far roots spread and mycelium even further.

Cap colour brown to reddish-brown.

Note the pore size and colour, olivaceous yellow.  Also the stipe is yellowish with prominent glandular spots.  The very base of the stipe has a hint of pink ---- the mycelium at the base of the stipe is said to be pink but I could not see this.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Old Carmarthen Bay Power Station

I may have been trespassing so if I was sorry ;-)

Found some lovely fungi here over the last 2 days thanks to my sister who happened apron a path which led into the old Grillo site and Carmarthen Bay waste land at the side
Wooly Milkcap 

No Idea

Hebeloma Poison Pie 


Sorry about the photo positioning- can't seem to move them on iphone

Aniseed Smell  


Lots of Waxcaps various shades of Red & Orange