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Monday, 21 October 2013

Fungus Foray at Greencastle Woods.

Gluecrust Fungi

Hosted by Llanelli Naturalists and the Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales, a Fungus Foray was organised last Saturday at Greencastle Woods near Llanstephan. The event was led by Dr. Philip Jones from Llanelli Naturalists and about 25 people braved the bad weather to turn up. Some of those turning up had already been enthused by the National Fungi Day event held at the Botanical Gardens last weekend and were eager for more.

Meadow Waxcap
Mercifully the rain cleared as we set out and the damp conditions were not a problem as Greencastle Woods is well blessed with boardwalks and decent pathways. Many interesting species were described including Gluecrust fungi (Hymenochaete corrugata) which can hold broken twigs in the air away from other competition on the woodland floor; and  Meadow waxcap (Hygrocybe pratensis) happy to live in the woodland despite its common name.

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