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Friday, 15 November 2013

Some fungal offerings....

I`m afraid that I`m too busy with other recording to contribute much to this blog, but I`m sure that I`ll enjoy reading it periodically - so, good luck! All my suggested names below are provisional!
Some pictures: `orange peel fungus` Aleuria aurantia from a forestry track at Cwm Duad SN372312 in October 2012.

....and the following `white coral fungus` Clavulina cristata from Goitre Wen woods SN546053 (just N of Troserch Woods, Llangennech), October 2013 -

...and this unknown (to me!) on an oak stump in Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo SN613223 in late September 2013


  1. The last one looks like a slime mold, perhaps Tubifera ferruginosa see the link below:

    1. Looks like it Colin. I found what I think is the same stuff on Waun Las two months ago and, I think, in the Garden's Tropical House. Weird stuff.

    2. Colin and Bruce, yes this is a myxomycete and correct name --- except this is what it was called but now Tubulifera arachnoidea ! Said to resemble a strawberry. Quite common Myxo. Philip

  2. Colin
    I was on the hillside over looking Carreg Cennan Castle a couple of weeks ago (is it called Garreg Las?). Anyway, saw lots of the orange peel fungus on an area where someone puts out hay for the ponies that live there. A bizarre but beautiful sight.