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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lycoperdon pyriforme - The Stump Puffball.

 Having had some expert tuition I must start entering stuff!  When I made a comment, 15th Dec 2013, about a puffball photo suggesting it was not Lycoperdon excipuliforme (Pestle Puffball) but L.pyriforme (Stump Puffball) as this is the only puffball species growing on wood --- I said I would show a picture of the Pestle.  The stem-like base is tall and stout, as here, but can be shorter although 'taller than it is wide'.  Once the rounded top has released its spores and disintegrated, the base may remain for many months.  Generally frequent in Pembrey forest/Country Park but I found none during the past year.  Philip

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