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Thursday, 27 February 2014

More Cup Fungi from Pembrey.

In one area of forest where harvesting of trees was carried out last year, 2013, (SN 394 013) there are several deep tractor tracks in which several fungi have been found.

Spore size/shape and type of paraphyses fits with Peziza repanda.  This species was collected from bare soil in tractor tracks at other locations in the forest in September 2013.

 At first glance these three Peziza ampliata (alongside and below) seem to have similar coloration to P repanda and P vesiculosa but there are differences in spore size and other microscopic features.


  1. I don't know these Colin - what an odd place to find them. We had a few cup fungus at the Botanic Garden this autumn, my favourite being the Glazed Cup Humaria hemisphaerica which we found amongst the leaves in Spring Woods and the Aqualab Woods. The inner cup looked and felt like porcelain.

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