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Monday, 7 April 2014

I found this on the branch of a wind blown oak last weekend and I can't find it in my fungi books. It's probably very straightforward but if anyone could help that would be great! Thanks Isabel


  1. Beats me too Isabel. I find bracket fungi, however large it is, rather hard to ID.

  2. I agree with the mystified comments --- we need someone to take an interest in the huge variety of brackets and crusts! I think this is a Phellinus --- probably P ferreus (Cinnamon Porecrust) Buczacki p480 or Collins 'Sterry' p 282. I leave such things for those who anticipate a long life. They all have fascinating microscopy --- so no excuses.

  3. Thanks both - my increasing facination with fungi is matched by my increasing frustration that I can't ID many! The fungi don't care though and I still get pleasure just from seeing them! Cinnamon Porecrust looks good to me though - I know where the branch is and will have another look with that species in mind!