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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring is a splendid time to look for Ascomycetes (Cup Fungi) and I seem to have been fortunate this year. 
Morels are always good to find.  These were in one of the cattle enclosures on Pembrey saltings.  I have found these in the same area in previous years.  The difficlulty is in giving it a name as many do not have very distinctive features and microscopy does not help as spores are very similar in shape and size.  Peter Thompson published a book, 'Ascomycetes In Colour', last year and continues to add to the 700 species he had illustrated.  I asked Peter about this species and we agreed it would fit Morchella vulgaris rather than M.esculenta which is more of a honey-yellow colour and with larger 'crypts'.  In the past I have collected M. esculenta from a few locations in Pembrey forest, generally on the grassy, sandy banks around small ponds that have been created.  These seem to be present for a few years then vanish.      

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