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Monday, 14 April 2014

The latest asco find was made by pure chance in a car park at Pembrey Country Park.  After my morning dog walk I bent to unhook the dog-lead and noticed a 'blob' in the grass close to the dog.  With dog safely in back of car, I investigated by pulling away portions of grass and moss to reveal a nice fungus.  I had a good look around but this seemed the only specimen so left it in place, just taking photos.                                                      

As I had not taken any material, I could not do microscopy but attempted to find a name by looking at various books.  It was probably a Helvella species but nothing like it in Dennis 'British Ascomycetes'.  In the new 'Ascomycetes in Colour' by  Peter Thompson there were some possibilities but nothing seemed to fit. One possibility however was his Helvella queletii, No 14 of his book, and looking at images on the 'web' this seems to be correct. This is quite a rare species with just twenty records for GB and Ireland, with one collection made by Maurice Rotheroe in May 1996 from Whitford.  I America it seems to have been given some 'common names' such as Devil's Urn and Ribbed Elfin Saucer!

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  1. Should be called Napoleon's Hat judging by your specimen Philip.