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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Brian Spooner and Peter Roberts have a nice chapter about fungi in fresh water habitats in their New Naturalist book, Fungi.
This looks as if the Macbeth witches have been about --- 'Eye of newt and toe of frog' --- and was a puzzle to me at first.  A portion was sent to Peter Thompson who determined it as Pachyella babingtonia.  I have seen this species before but always more mature so completely reddish brown.  Each grows to about 10mm across but these were just about 3mm.  The critical facor is that it is found on waterlogged wood in wet situations, streams or ditches.

This was found at the end of March at Abergorlech in a boggy ditch by the side of a track.  I have previously found it in a stream near the Farriers Arms, Stradey, Llanelli.
I shall show two others ---- but as additional blogs



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  1. I wouldn't even have thought to look at waterlogged logs Philip. Eye of newt indeed.