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Thursday, 8 May 2014

To follow the witches 'eye of newt' we get 'toe of frog' --- at least the warts on these toes.  Another wood-rotting fungus of fresh water is Vibrissea truncorum.  This produces colourful fruitbodies on submerged wood which release long, filiform ascospores adapted for dispersal in moving water (Spooner and Roberts, Fungi, New Naturalist). 

                                              The oval yellow to orange coloured fertile head sits on a longish stalk.

The cap is inrolled around the stipe, as seen in the middle fb, which has black hairs --- although everything was clothed in algal slime.  These were found in a ditch at Dinas RSPB reserve while others were looking at Pied Flycatchers.

An even more spectacular species from streams and ditches is Bog Beacon, Mitrula palludosa.  This lives on decaying leaf litter and water plants (below) and these were found at Coed-y-Brenin Forestry Commission (as was) centre.  I have found this Close to Swiss Valley Reservoir and also in ditches in the Five Roads area
                                                                              Sorry that I fail to manipulate layout better!

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