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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tiny Puffball Fungus ??

Went for a stroll around Troserch Woods today, nothing much about except this tiny puffball fungus. There were a pair of them on an old conifer log and they only measured about 5mm across. When you touched them they gave off a cloud of dark pink spores. Checked afterwards and the spores were circular with a diameter of around 8.5 um. Any ideas??


  1. Checking up on Google it would seem that the puffball isn't a puffball after all, it is not even a fungus. Rather it is a slime mould that goes by the common name of Wolf's milk (Lycogala epidendrum). Sime moulds, or myxomycetes—a group of fungus-like organisms that at one time were regarded as animals, then thought to be plants, then fungi. Now, because of DNA studies, slime molds are believed to be closer to the protozoa. They are studied by botanists and mycologists.

  2. Very hard to find images of slime moulds - there's a handy few pictures at the back of Micheal Jordan's Encyclopedia of Fungi book.