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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Truffle from Pembrey

A Truffle from Pembrey Country Park !  This is the third species of truffle collected from Pembrey.  This one is a 'true' truffle , one of the ascomycete family rather than a 'false' truffle, a basidiomycete.  From the Kew book on truffles, I made this to be Tuber dryophila but sent one specimen to Carol Hobart in Sheffield as she has a particular interest in 'truffles'.  She says there is at present some confusion about some species and it could be T maculatum.  She is getting molecular  (DNA) studies done bit by bit on specimens she has so in time a correct name can be given to this find.  I did not have to dig for it as there were two close together on the soil surface --- looking like small pebbles.  Both had holes where insects had burrowed in to have a meal.  These did not have a strong smell.


  1. So how did you find this, and the other two species of truffle in Pembrey Philip? Have you got a pet pig to snuffle them out for you? I thought they were underground fruiters.

  2. I'm sure I've seen the second one in a box of chocolates!

  3. Bruce, Colin ---- if you think something on soil surface looks like a pebble/snail-shell but isn't, it could be a truffle species. Had one while weeding my small front garden / one collected by Emma Chin on a track in Pembrey Country Pk very soon after starting a 'fungus-walk' one October. One collected by a visiting mycologist at Llyn-Llech-Owain as this had been left on a conifer stump by a squirrel. You can dig, but I've had no luck !!!!