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Monday, 1 September 2014

Apricot Jelly Fungus

Came across this odd little mushroom yesterday on the old Cynheidre Open Cast Site. According to some websites the mushroom is unmistakeable because of its rather unique shape so I hope I'm not putting my foot in it when I say it is an Apricot Jelly Fungus. It has also been called Candied Red Jelly Fungus, but I think the apricot name suits it better!

As regards a scientific name you seem to be spoilt for choice as it has been known as  Phlogiotis helvelloides, Tremiscus helvelloides, Guepina helvelloides amongst others.

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  1. Yes, this is a very attractive species. The 'accepted' common 'English' name is Salmon Salad but such an attractive fungus is sure to attract many names. There are also many 'scientific' names but it is now called Guipinea helvelloides. I first found it in Pembrey forest 10.10.1991 and seen in two other parts of forest since then and at Tumble woodland (fungus foray) two years ago.