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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Paxillus rubicundulus, Alder Rollrim

On 28th Aug Colin showed nice pics of Gomphidius maculatus which has gills but is close to Boletus.  Another such genus is Paxillus.  The most common species is Paxillus involutus Brown Rollrim.  Another species, but far less common, is Alder Rollrim, P rubicundulus although the edge of the cap does not 'inroll' as it does with P involutus

This species is associated with Alder in damp situations as in the few wettish locations of Pembrey Forest.  The cap is somewhat scaly although not markedly so.  Running a finger-nail from sipe to gills separates the gills from the cap as can be done with the spongy pores of a bolete.

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