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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dog's vomit slime mould, Mucilago crustacea

 Mucilago crustacea or 'the dog (or cat's) been sick' depending on the nature of your pet.  This is a common Myxomycete (Slime Mould), particularly of limestone areas and many such areas of 'vomit' were found today on fixed dunes at Pembrey, east of the Country Park.

Bruce Ing says in his handbook 'The Myxomycetes of Britain and Ireland' that he has had many enquiries about how to eradicate this from lawns and golf links so has to convince owners that it is harmless and will vanish after the first heavy rain shower.


  1. Yes, plenty around at the moment. Has it been reclassified, I've always known it as Fuligo septica?

  2. Sorry Tony, just seen this comment. Fuligo septica is another Myxomycete which is common on rotting wood (rather than creeping over vegetation) and is yellow -- as 'pus' from an infected wound or boil is yellow = septic! Can be bright yellow or sulphur yellow. Ing, in his book, describes it as looking like scrambled- egg spilt on a log.