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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mycena rosea ---- Rosy Bonnet

Mycena rosea Rosy Bonnet.
For a long time this was considered a variety of Mycena pura, Lilac Bonnet (as in Bon 1987, Mushrooms and Toadstools).  Tony Ivens recently sent me a picture, correctly named, taken from 'his woods' which alerted me to the name change.  This photo is of a find on the edge of Ffrwd Fen growing in leaf litter.  The cap has a delicate rose-pink colour and the stem is white.  With M pura the colour is a pale lilac or violet although this is extremely variable (even yellow) so several 'forms' have been described.  The stipe with M pura is generally coloured although almost white with some forms.

John James sent me this photo of a Rosy Bonnet taken at the Botanic Garden a week ago with a pale pink cap and white stem.

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