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Monday, 29 December 2014

Tremella foliacea

I found what appears to be Tremella foliacea on Hazel in two locations in western Carms today (29/12/2014) during a bryophyte recording wander.  It was on two Hazel in a wooded river valley at Aberdeudwr (SN277250) and on a Hazel on a lane bank at Felindre (SN271269).  FRDBI gives only one previous VC44 record.  Both of these areas supported a wide range of fungi on Hazels, including plentiful Glue-fungus, but I couldn't see any Hazel-gloves despite conscious searching.

Sorry about the low-quality iPod photo!


  1. I found some about three weeks ago in woods just outside Carmarthen - first time I'd found it, leads me to suspect it's a good year for it. I know Bruce has been looking for it, don't know whether he was successful.

  2. No, I couldn't find it this year. Went back to tree in Tregyb Wood, Llandeilo where it fruited 2 years ago - an alder I think. Nothing now.