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Friday, 9 January 2015

`A Living Fossil`....

After a suggestion from Arthur Chater via Nigel Stringer, I went yesterday afternoon to check a young Ginkgo tree Ginkgo biloba in the private arboretum at Stradey Woods, Llanelli, for a basidiomycete fungus Bartheletia paradoxa that grows on its fallen leaves. The leaves of the host tree are, of course, very distinctive and easy to find in the surrounding leaf litter.
The leaves did indeed hold Bartheletia and (a typically poor) photo is offered below - which was confirmed by Nigel. Better photos and much information can be had online by `googling` the fungus name.

                                         Above: Note the `dots` on the leaf = Bartheletia.

I also noted a large fungus (photo below) that was very similar to that found by Colin Jones (see the preceding blog), growing alongside the minor public road that links Pwll with Cwmbach hamlet, a few yards upslope from the track down to Stradey Home Farm.

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