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Sunday, 11 January 2015

A New Fungus for Wales (or, `there`s no fool like an old fool`)

On Sunday afternoon, last weekend, I did a spot of `urban botanising` in the Ty-isha/St Paul`s/Bigyn area of Llanelli, looking for any garden escapes or other plants of interest.
Quickly walking over an area of managed grass, I noted some clumps of a strange-looking fungus, superficially like a multi-branched puff-ball, and without stopping to have a proper look at it, took a couple of quick photographs, one of which is shown below.

Returning later to my parked car, and by a slightly different route, I could see a jackdaw in the distance investigating my `find`, but it was only when I got home and looked properly at the photo, that I realised that the jackdaw was a far more competent naturalist than I was.
The `multi-branched puff-ball` - is actually Kellogsia dulcis, which has the vernacular name of `Sugar Puffs`, so it is not really new to Wales. I suggest that the jackdaw is made an honorary member of the Carmarthenshire Fungi Group (and that I, in contrast, `get the boot`)!
As compensation though, I`m probably the first to see Kellogsia dulcis `in the wild`: records in bowls with milk do not count!