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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Fungi NBGW Glasshouse Jan2015

Photos taken at NBGW inside the Great Glasshouse 9th Jan 2015. Someone suggested a Dapperling ,I did not detect any smell but couldn't get that close.


  1. Hi Peter
    Congrats on your first post - you passed with flying colours. Jan suggested Lepiota cristata, the Stinking Dapperling, named because of its smell of coal gas. Nice to have a photographic record for the Glasshouse because on our visit on Tuesday the mushroom had been disappeared through garden maintenance.

  2. Greetings, it could be a Lepiota. L cristata is common in Pembrey forest under conifer - with brown-orange scales on cap. There is a Lepiota from glasshouses with blackish 'flakes' at centre of the cap which I have seen in both the Great Glasshouse and Tropical house as well as at Aberglasney in their 'Ninfarium'. Must look up the name. I think those in photo may have lost some of their colour so are not 'typical'.