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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

National Botanical Gardens

Scurfy Twiglets, Tubaria furfuracea

Went around with the Wildlife Volunteers at the Botanical Gardens yesterday. Highlight of the day was an embroidery of some Shaggy Scalycaps that Sue Davies had created in felt. Really, really nice! I hope she will put a picture of it on the blog so others can see it. Peter and I wandered about to see what fungi were about but not really much to see. We had what appears to be a number of Scurfy Twiglets, Tubaria furfuracea, growing on the woodchips.

Peter also pointed out the suspect "funnels" he saw last week, which we are unsure about. Took a spore print which seemed almost white with spores measuring ~10x6 um - so any help with this would be appreciated.


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  1. I am still thinking about Peter's 'funnel' ---- the spores are too large for 'Winter funnel Cap' 4-5x3ยต -- Clitocybe brumalis, the common name suggests it fruits in winter but most records are from the autumn. So need to keep 'thinking'! Fungi can be fun or very frustrating.