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Friday, 6 February 2015

A stitchers Fly Agaric.

 Karen Wise, one of the Stitching B Group, sent in pictures of these splendid Amanita muscaria which she saw last November in the north of Carmarthenshire.  There were none present a week previously and all were gone after a further week ------ part of the fun and frustration of looking at fungi!
This species is most commonly found associated with birch trees and less frequently, pine trees.  I looked at the fallen leaves but could see no birch leaves or pine needles.  I see oak and also beech leaves.
Geoffrey Kibby in his 'The Genus Amanita in Britain' says that beech and oak can also be host to this species.  Karen says this area of land has been cleard and all trees felled so that was the last great spectacle at this site.

Last autumn was relatively dry and I found few fungi but on several occasions saw spectacular displays of Fly Agaric.

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