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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Jelly mystery!

Various folk send me photos as they are not sure which fungus it might be  --- or is it a fungus at all.
This was sent recently wondering if it might be some sort of  'jelly-fungus' or a 'slime-mould'.  I think it might have a common name but I forget ---- star-snot is one suggestion.

 This is the regurgitated ovaries of a frog or toad which has been predated by a bird.  Birds find this part is unpleasant or are unable to digest so regurgitate.

Perhaps Colin knows more detail.  Does this have a 'common' name?  What bird(s) do this?

I once found some with remains of frog close-by.


  1. Sorry I can't help you Philip. I wasn't in class when they gave the lecture about regurgitated ovaries - absolutely gutted when I found out that I had missed it!

  2. Will ask Ian Morgan ---- 'Mr wildlife' himself as sure to know!

  3. The name I know it as is Star Jelly. Bruce and I found some in NBG last year. My understanding is that is the food sack (or jelly) of Frog spawn. I've also heard the story about avian predation, but since it is always found early in the morning (hence name) it would mean a nocturnal predator. However another possible explanation would seem to be a situation where the female frog has not had her eggs fertilised and expels the "jelly".

  4. I`ve also read of Tony`s last explanation too, which seems plausible to me.