Saturday, 7 February 2015

Slime mould or a species new to science?

Came across this specimen whilst walking through a wood recently. Thought initially it was some sort of slime mould that was seemingly dripping down the bank. After a few minutes poking and prodding however, I realised it was only the soaking wet remnants of the skin of a common earthball, Sclerdoma citrium, that had completely opened out flat. Very disappointed - gone was my chance of having my name immortalised in taxonomic history!

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  1. Ian Morgan posted a specimen on Guy Fawkes, 5/11/14 which got several comments. I once sent such a mystery to Peter Roberts at Kew who kindly said he had been puzzled by these in the past. If in doubt, scrape a bit and do microscopy when spores match S. citrinum. Always worth a look at mysterious 'objects' --- thanks Colin.