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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Some Fungi at Cynheidre.

Winter Fungus, Polyporus brumalis
Found two new fungi to add to my "life list"yesterday whilst walking the dogs at the old Cynheidre site. The first is "Winter Fungus", (Polyporus brumalis), growing on a dead birch branch. This came as quite a shock as when I turned it over to photograph the gills I found there weren't any - there were pores instead. Spent a short while looking through the Bolete section before finding a new section called "stemmed polypores". Learning all the time!

Tremella mesenterica var. alba

Also very pleased to come across the white version of Yellow Brain Fungus, Tremella mesenterica var. alba, growing on a gorse branch. Only a small piece but still large enough to tick a box and add to my photo collection.

How does one go about taking spores from a species like Tremella?

Also came across this the other day, which I thought was quite interesting and attractive. Some unknown fungus has attacked the centre of this piece of sawn oak. You can see the mycellium spreading out, devouring all the cellulose from the wood and leaving behind the brown lignin which has become soft and watery. In case your interested the formula for lignin is:


  1. I can sleep safely now I know that formula for lignin Colin!! Good point about collecting spores from jelly fungi - I've no idea. Would like to know. Bruce

  2. I have always found microscopy of 'jelly-fungi' difficult ---- I try to cut a very thin slither of material and make a 'squash' preparation on the slide. I usually give up! I will ask Peter Roberts as he has done so much work with these (and he might get a fungal-survey job at NBGW ----- just a plug on his behalf !!).