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Monday, 16 February 2015

Strange outgrowths on resupinate fungus

Dynevor Castle.
Took a walk around Castle Woods in Llandeilo over the weekend, plenty of fallen trees and no brambles - seems an excellent place for a group outing later in the year! Dynevor Castle looked stunning, basking in the sunshine, and the views from the top are something else. Seems a good year for Scarlet Elf Cup (Sarcoscpypha austriaca) , they were everywhere. Checked the exterior hairs on a couple, (seemingly a way to distinguish from the identical Ruby Elfcup (s. coccinea). But they were definitely "curly" not straight.

Plenty of fresh-looking Hairy Curtain Crust ( Stereum hirsutum) and a couple of patches of young Velvet Shank (Flammulina veluptes) added a bit of colour.

Wrinkled Curtain Crust, Phlebia radiata.

Also came across an area of  resupinate fungus, on a fallen log, with what seemed to be strange growths over it, making it look distinctively weird.  Checking on the internet I was directed to a site with a picture that seems to be a good fit with the specimen found. It would appear to be a variation of Wrinkled Crust  (Phlebia radiata), but any comments welcome.

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  1. Yes Colin P. radiata. There are several synonyms as this is quite variable. Generally quite a neat compact jelly-like 'sponge', radiating and flat on the substrate. Old names like 'merismoides' or var. 'contorta' had untidy orange pegs sticking up as with this specimen.