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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Trametes hirsuta

Interesting you should post T. versicolor. A couple of weeks ago I came across T. hirsuta on a fallen Oak in my wood. The upper surface is distinctly hairy as the name suggests.There don't appear to be many records from W. Wales - so possibly a bit more unusual?
There is a very similar species T. pubescens which the books describe as downy rather than hairy and is mainly found on Birch and Beech (there is one record on CATE2 for hirsuta on Beech - so who knows?).
Either way it is probably worth taking a closer look as at a quick glance it could easily pass for versicolor.

PS I can't help wondering why Trametes should be feminine (hirsuta), whilst Stereum should be masculine (hirsutum)?


  1. good point.... no idea why though.
    Second thoughts re my blog on Coriolus - is it Coriolus or is it Stereum?

  2. I must admit it looks more like Stereum to me
    PS I think Coriolus has now been renamed as Trametes

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