Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Resupinate Fungi

Armed with my new acquisition, A Field Guide to the Resupinate Fungi of Hampshire, I headed out into the wilds of Pembrey Forest in search of something to identify. The book is very good, however, even with its help, I still find resupinate fungi a challenge as many as so similar with nothing much in the way of identifying features. I did come across this polypore species on the underside of a pine branch. It peeled off very easily so that I was able to take it home for a good look and take a spore print.

It would seem to me it could be a Diplomitoporus species, as it was smooth, poroid with a fibrous margin and loosely attached to the branch. The white  spores were smooth and sausage shaped, and as they measured ~ 8um x 3um it would possibly be d. flavescens rather than d. lindbladii.

Are there any other fungus groups this may be in? Any help appreciated.

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  1. Well done! I have this nice new book but not yet tried it ---- usually kept well away from these things. Need someone to get enthusiastic and teach the rest of us. The spores would fit D flavescens and looking at Nordic Macromy (3) are OK but have no personal experience so unable to be sure.