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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

At the NBGW today- no idea on I.D. looks like a 'Malteser'


  1. No indication that it grew upon wood -it was found in close proximity to a Primrose.

  2. Did it taste like a Malteser? I've heard you can eat these all day and they won't spoil your lunch.

    Comes as a bit of a shock doesn't it when you turn it over and don't see any gills. I had one very similar which I posted on 17th February which I took to be a stemmed polypore, Winter Fungus, (Polyporus brumalis).

  3. This is fascinating! Quite small and pores do not seem 'decurrent' --- also on the ground. Pity it had not rained as it looks rather dry and shrivelled. P.brumalis has much smaller pores. One with pores that might fit is P.leptocephalus (varius) which I have found on willow quite often. But this has a blak base to stem. Peter, you must water the primrose for others to 'fruit' or see if you can find the old specimen!