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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Helvella acetabulum

Vinegar Cup

Can't take the credit for finding this one.  Daughter Emily did the business! At first I thought it was the common H.crispa, but the Scurfy/downy surface made me look again. Also the fact that this seems to be most commonly found in the spring convinced me (however am open to corrections Philip?) that it was probably H.acetabulum. FRDBI does not seem to have Welsh records for this sp.
The fb was found in the mouth of a cave in Carmel Woods earlier this evening.


  1. A very nice 'vernal' find. I have not looked at FRDBI records (about 400 for UK) but looking by county, there is a Carms record -- 27/1/2013 from Pembrey country park. This was found a day after a light covering of snow had melted (specimen to K). I had not found this Helvella for some years but, during several springtimes, did occur on another hedgebank about 800m away. Also once from Carmel ---- good place as this sp likes 'limestone'.

  2. Nice spot Tony (well Emily).
    I've never seen this species before but I do go round Carmel every now and then - due a visit now methinks.