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Tuesday, 21 April 2015



These Black Morel, Morchella elata were found in Pembrey forest last April.  I have not yet found those seen this year by Tony.  The young one is quite white but shows the longitudinal ridges very well.  When older the ridges seem to go black first.  I was shown one specimen found by a Country Park ranger ten years ago but had not found this species myself until last year.  With the wet spring last year there must have been100fb's + over a wide area.
 It is interesting that all these finds have been from disturbed soil in tractor tracks. Is this Morel all over the forest, only showing itself by sending up fruiting bodies after soil has been disturbed?


  1. Had a look at Pat O'Reilly's comments on the subject, he also says they are often found on disturbed ground.

  2. Went over Pembrey myself for a look. Found plenty of the Common Morel but unfortunately couldn't find any Black Morel. Must try harder!

  3. hi, were can I see morels in Pembrey forest? I was there last year but I didn't find any. Probably I was not at the right spots. Pembrey forest is too big! I'm looking forward to seeing them, they are so beautiful and have a strange shape. Thank you very much for your help!

    1. I will join you in pembrey if you fancy looking for some

    2. This, 2016, has not been a good year (so far) for Morels. Previous two years were good but before that I last saw a Black Morel in about 1985! Just have long walks with the dog and keep looking.

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