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Friday, 10 April 2015

Pine Conecap -- Strobilurus tenacellus.

Pine Conecap is a winter/spring species which grows on burried conifer cones.  The cone might be deeply burried, as here, where the cone was almost 10cm deep and is connected to the base of the stipe by a 'pseudorrhiza'.  As it has not rained, the cap and stipe are rather dull but when wet have a more polished look.  Slugs often seem to browse the cap surface even through to the gills.
There are three Strobilurus species in Britain, S tenacellus can be distinguished from the other two as the taste is bitter when a nibble is made of the cap edge. S esculentus on spruce and S stephanocystis which also grows on pine cones have a mild taste.  I must find others and make sure it tastes bitter!  Scattered about in Pembrey Forest but look elsewhere with pines.

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  1. Found one today in Pembrey Forest. Taste (when I eventually plucked up the courage to try) was NOT bitter, so I am assuming either S. esculentus S. stephanocystis