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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blackening Waxcap lookalike

There were a large number of these yellow waxcaps along the coastal path at Morfa Bychan yesterday. They had the look of Blackening Waxcaps (Hygrocybe conica) but failed to turn black when handled. They also had quite large spores measuring up to 15um x 6.5 um, so are probably Persistent Waxcap (H. acutoconica), which seem  to enjoy this sort of terrain.

A couple of weeks ago alongside the cycle-track at Horeb, there was also this group of what looked like Russet Shanks (Gymnopus dryophilus). However according to Philip's copy of Funga Nordica, (which I really must return to him!), due to it being still spring and with a bulbous base to the stem, it is perhaps more likely to be g. aquosus.

1 comment:

  1. The hygrocybe seems fine for H acutoconica --- the spores are OK (Boertmann).
    The Gymnopus (Collybia) is more difficult I think ---- possibly need to know what cystidia shape/size is like.