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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Particularly disgusting Slime Mould.

Perhaps Chocolate Tube slime mould, Stremonitis splendens.
A particularly disgusting Slime Mould to add to our collection. This one was growing from beneath the bark on a Pine tree. Very, very soft as witnessed by my finger print at the top where I gave it a little poke.

Checking on the internet, it could be a  Stemonitis sp. perhaps the Chocolate Tube slime mould,  Stemonitis splendens. It states that the white and pink form is very short lived and soon turns brown, hence the name!

Wikipedia states: 

Stemonitis is a destinctive genus of slime moulds found throughout the world (except Antartica). They are characterised by sporangia supported on slender stalks, which grow in clusters on rotting wood.

Any slime mould experts out there?

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