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Monday, 8 June 2015

Rose Rust

Rose rust on Burnet Rose.

 Took the dogs around Pembrey Forest today but being quite dry there nothing much on the fungus front to get excited about - except that many of the wild roses growing along the pathways had this orange deposit on them. Checking on the computer it would seem that it is a fungus from the phragmidium genus known as rose-rust, as it is a common fungal infection of rose-type plants.

I've included a picture of the spores because they look so attractive!

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  1. The rose is Burnet Rose, Rosa pimpinellifolia, which favours sand/limestone areas so common along Pembrey coast. The rust (help Nigel) is Phragmidium rosae-pimpinellifoliae and some bushes seem plastered but others have the rust here and there.