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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Rust on meadowsweet

Found on meadowsweet on the wet meadows next to Tawelan Brook, Johnstown, Carmarthen. Is the  white powder  a mildew?



  1. Well done Isabel - I may have to give up rusts and mildews with you around!

    1. I agree with Cilycwmmoths ---- but had to look up the 'Rust Fungus Census Catalogue for Wales' to find the name --- just a plug for a splendid bit of work! I see no other 'host' listed for this species so presume just one host ---- Nigel?

  2. I'd hang on in there Nigel - I'm about 18 years worth of experience and knowledge behind you! Is it Meadowsweet Rust Fungus - Triphragmium ulmariae? Does it have another host?

  3. yes it is and no it hasn't ........
    hope you wrote down the record details...
    visit the plant again in a few weeks time and look at the underside side of the leaves for pale yellow spore masses and later on look for black spore masses. these are the next two stages in the life cycle.