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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Allt-y-Gelli Woods

We (Emily, myself and a friend) went for a walk this morning around Allt-y-Gelli Woods, near Llanybri.
Over the years it has always proved a productive spot for fungi, however when we arrived the woods are now for sale and the contractors have moved in - we had a somewhat less than enthusiastic permission to go in! 

Mutinus caninus

Dog Stinkhorn.

It seems to be a very good year for the Common Stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus), they seem to be popping up everywhere.
Less common (in my experience) is it's smaller cousin, the Dog Stinkhorn. It also has the advantage of not giving off the awful smell which it's name nevertheless suggests.

Suillus grevillei

Larch Bolete

Although the photo doesn't show it, these -like all the the Suillus I've come across are really slimy to the touch.
The second photo clearly shows the remains of the veil.

Aminita rubescens

The Blusher

Unlike many of the other Amanitas the volva at the base of these does not seem so pronounced. However the photo clearly shows the remains of the veil.The flesh bruised to a beautiful shade of pink, which I am guessing is where the name comes from?
The books say that when cooked it is not poisonous - afraid I'm not brave enough to try! Although judging by the number of half eaten specimens we found, the slugs clearly find them a delicacy.

In all we found seven different species - so for this time of year a very successful walk through the woods.


  1. Just seen I can't type! It's Amanita - not Aminita!

  2. Don't fret - it's an 'Aber' tradition

  3. This must be why the 'Aminita' is called 'The Blusher' ?