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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Growing on my lawn.

Very recently we had some new turf laid and all of a sudden had a small group of fungi pop up on it. Thought first they were entoloma but when I looked at a spore-print it was darkish brown rather than pink and the spores themselves weren't angular but lemon-shaped and very rough.

Was about to consign it to my folder of "unidentified, little brown mushrooms" - which is quite big! when I came across a photo of Panaeolina foenisceii, a common species on manured lawns, which seems to measure up, and showed all the correct spore characteristics.

Could there be any other candidates?

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  1. That's it Colin. P foenisecii is one of the most common 'lawn' fungi. It is said to have properties similar to the 'Magic Mushroom' but rather unpredictable effect (although I have not tested)!