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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Huge Agaricus alongside B4312

Came across this pair of huge mushrooms alongside the B4312 near Llanstephan. The large one measured 23 cms across. Spores were also relatively large for an agaricus at 9.5 x 5 um. This would seem to check out as Agaricus augustus, aka The Prince. Not really rare by all accounts but still quite a spectacle.

Another interesting fungus was this earthfan, Thelephora penicillata, found in Troserch Woods. It seems to crop up at the same place every year and looks like the frozen water vapour you sometimes see in winter on rotting branches. Also had funny-looking lumpy, bumpy spores.

1 comment:

  1. A nice platefull of agaric. Kibby says --- the large size, scaly tawny cap and very floppy ring + floccose stipe, distinctive ---- and photo shows this well.
    This Thelephora I have only found once, at Swiss Valley rservoir -- nice that it crops up in same place in Troserch woods.