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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Our Fungus Foray on 7 August 2015 at Llanllwch, Carmarthenshire.

Many thanks to Tony for showing us around his "little wood" last Friday, it was a delightful place, especially for fungi. Although the star attraction was the Hazel Gloves, there were plenty of others for us to see. In the end we managed to record 27 different species which we have listed below. There were also a few others that we did not get a name to and probably a few more that we forgot to record. So all in all a very busy place!
Thanks again!

For images of many of the fungi recorded click here.

Species Name

1 Marasmius oreades
2 Lycoperdon pratense
3 Lycoperdon utriforme
4 Collybia confluens
5 Hypholoma fasiculare
6 Phallus impudicus
7 Auricularia aurea-judaea
8 Paxillus involutus
9 Hypocreopsis rhododendri
10 Polyporus tuberaster
11 Coprinellus micaceus
12 Crepidotus mollis
13 Hypomyces sp
14 Stereum hirsutum
15 Lactarius aurantiacus
16 Russula nigricans
17 Russula grata
18 Russula brunneoviolacea
19 Boletus chrysenteron
20 Rutstroemia firma
21 Chromocyphella muscicola
22 Mycena Galopus
23 Boletus appendiculatus
24 Boletus pulverulentus
25 Trametes versicolor
26 Hymenochaete corrugata
27 Scleroderma citrium
Hypoxylon fragiforme
Hypoxylon fuscum
Mycena rosea


  1. I really enjoyed the afternoon - the range of species to be found was fascinating. Isabel

  2. Glad you all enjoyed your day. Later in the year it will probably get better! So perhaps a repeat performance?

  3. The "pink" fb (photo27) Which is listed as unidentified is almost certainly Mycena rosea, I didn't see it found but it is a common species in the wood - found some fb's today