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Friday, 14 August 2015

Meanwhile, closer to home - - - 

Taking the dog for her daily exercise is generally how I come across most of the fungi that I find.
However, yesterday, whilst doing some weeding in our back garden I came across these fb's  growing underneath Geranium ibericumThey are Lepiota cristata - the Stinking Dapperling. 
I'm not sure "stinking" is a fair description, they certainly have a very distinct smell, but nothing I would describe as unpleasant. The spores are bullet shaped, which helps enormously in trying to key them out.

L. cristata is the second Lepiota species to make it's home in our back garden. A few weeks ago I came across these far more unusual Lepiota echinella var. echinella growing under a clump of Hemerocallis.

Looking in Funga Nordica it says both species are saprotrophic on soil, so no reason why they should not be growing happily in a back garden. How they got there however is another matter, I've certainly never noticed either of them before.

So, no need to go down to the woods today - - - (well there is, but only to walk the dog!)

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  1. I think there's been quite a bit of Lepiota cristata in the Botanic Garden's Great Glasshouse Tony.
    Have you see it there?
    I'm interested what you find in the soil in your garden too.