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Monday, 31 August 2015

Slimy yellow Bolete ?

Found this slimy yellow bolete on a walk around the Lower Lleidi Reservoir, it was in a ditch  near some Scotch Pine.  Shows the remnants of a ring.  Looking at Kibby it seems similar to Suillus flavidius but this seems a scottish species - does scotch pine count? or is it something else altogether?

Any ideas Philip? 

Also came across this mushroom growing in sand at Pembrey, looks similar to the Conocybe dunensis in Pembroke's little "Sand Dune" booklet but can't find any spore information for c. dunensis.


  1. Funga Nordica says it is "mycorrhizal with Pinus" - so I see no reason why Scots Pine shouldn't count

  2. Perhaps obvious answer is that there was a rogue Larch tree nearby and mushroom would be s. grevillei, but must say I didn't see any.