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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Troserch Woods (Continued)

Spores from yellow bolete.
Firstly I had a spore print from the yellow bolete and the spores would also seem to fit a wood bolete. These seem quite rare so would appreciate any comments regarding any further ID.

Also took a small squash on a slide from the unidentified black jelly-type fungus and low and behold it would seem to be a ascomycete. Whereas the spores I checked yesterday would seem to be from a basidiomycete as they seemed to show an apiculus attachment.  I checked the original spores again and they were still spiny ones. When I took the first spore sample the jelly was very wet and slippery and the moisture left a black stain on the slide which I took to be the spores of the jelly - these were spiny with the apiculi on them. So it was quite a surprise to see all those ascospores.  I wonder what the other spores were and where they came from? - still no nearer finding a name for the black jelly though!

Have attached a few photos of varying magnification - look quite pretty I think.

Ascospores from black jelly at 100x, 400x and 1000x magnification.

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  1. I went back today to look for any more Wood Boletes nearby but couldn't find any. Also had a look at the black blobs on the conifer. I knew it was a conifer because it was lying in a line of windblown fir trees that had come down a number of years ago and were all covered in moss. So you can imagine my surprise when I found it had miraculously turned into an oak tree! I believe now that it is Bulgaria inquinans because further down the trunk were some of the more usual black/brown buttons.