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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Troserch Woods

Yesterday our little group paid a visit to Tony's wood in Llanllwch, where we had a very successful day with over 20 species. A report will be forthcoming once we are able to Id a few more. Today I took the dogs for a stroll through Troserch Woods in Llangennech, nowhere near the variety we had yesterday but did come across some interesting specimens.

Last year I came across a couple of Chantrelles, Cantharellus cibarius, alongside the river. But this year, in the same place there were many, many more - enough for a great meal if you were so inclined.

Deep within the roots of a conifer, with its head just visible there was also this bolete, with very small, decurrent yellow pores. Looking through various books it seems to be very like the Wood Bolete, Buchwaldoboletus lignicola. It is said to be parasitic on the polypore, Phaeolus schweinitzii. So perhaps another scout around could be helpful.

 Another interesting fungus was also growing on conifers. There were quite a number of large black gelatinous fruitbodies measuring about 8cms across by 3 cms high, all clustered on a fallen conifer log. Although they were very slippery they were quite firm and seemed to have a central anchor point. The spore print was black and the spores were very warty. All looked very weird - any ideas?

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