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Monday, 7 September 2015

Llyn Llech Owain

Found these beautiful little scalycaps at Llyn Llech Owain today. They were sitting near a clump of Sulphur Tuft which look superficially similar so nearly missed them. I think they are probably The Flaming Scalycap,  Pholiota flammans. Brown spore print and the cap went bright red with KOH -(mentioned as a chemical test  in www,  Really, really pretty.

Also some Conifer Blueing Bracket, Postia caesia, on the fallen conifer logs.

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  1. Super photos Colin --- Pholiota flammans is a beauty! FRDBI records mainly Scotland and north England but a few from Wales. Completely forgotten that I sent this to K in 1985 from Pembrey forest and Kibby collected this from Pembrey in 1994 (BMS foray). The Postia is also a nice fresh blue ---- quite unusual colour for a fungus.