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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cyathus striatus and Helvella solitaria

 This is the firt time I have found this 'Fluted Birds-nest', Cyathus striatus, in Pembrey Country Park.  Cyathus olla has been found here from time to time but not for several years.  The second photo shows another fungus next to a 'Birds-nest' ---- this is some sort of cup-fungus and the cup was on a stalk.

The lower photos show the size and I would not have seen it if the Birds-nest had not been close.
This is Helvella solitaria, the same species as on the 'Blog' on 14/4/2014 but was then called Helvella queletti which is a synonym (although both names are currently on databases).  I  thought this was a species found in spring but some records are Nov onwards.  The find last year looked like Napoleon's helmet.
With these Helvella's, one feature to note is how far the ribs of the stipe go up under the cap --- in this case the ribs stop at the cap base.


  1. Very nice finds - well done Philip

  2. I was looking for fluted bird's nest today in a log pile at the Botanic Garden - had Radio Wales down and was hoping to impress them. Has fruited there for past 2 years but not out yet.

  3. I looked for the 'birds-nests' today but none seen (eaten by slugs or stolen?) but did find another Helvella solitaria --- this was much larger than one above, but almost gone as slugs dinner. Slugs hungry after dry weather!