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Monday, 5 October 2015

Melanoleuca verrucipes

 Melanoleuca verrucipes. This specimen was found last month in Pembrey forest.  The white cap has no marked distinguishing features and broke easily as I tried to gather it.  There are punctate spots the length of the stipe -- few agarics are like this.  It is described in B+K and microscopy confirmed it with 'stinging-hair' type pleurocystidia.
It was found along a tractor track with much tree debris following tree harvesting about two years ago (where Tony found Morchella elata).  This seems to be the first record for Wales.  It is uncommon and usually found on woodchip, most records from SE England.  First recorded in 2000 from Midlesex and a year later from Kew. 

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  1. Nice find Philip! and nice to see your back in print!