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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pembrey Fungus Foray, Sunday 18th October 2015

Last Sunday, Llanelli Naturalists held their annual Fungus Foray around Pembrey Forest, with over 20 people setting out from the Sidan Restaurant at the heart of the Country Park. Although the weather had been unusually dry for the previous weeks, Dr. Philip Jones used his expertise and local knowledge to ensure that this was yet another successful event.


Perhaps the highlights of the day were:
Camarophyllopsis foetens --- Stinking Fanvault, previously a Red Data List species.
Cyathus striatus ---- Fluted Bird’s-nest and
Glyphium elatum. A tiny chisel-shaped species, once thought to be one of the UK's rarest Fungi.

A list of species recorded on the day is given below:

Cup Fungi --- Ascomycetes.

Xylaria hypoxylon ---- Candlesnuff fungus.
Otidea onotica ----- Hare’s Ear.
Leotia lubrica ---- Jellybabies.
Glyphium elatum. A tiny chisel-shaped species which has very long, thin spores.


Lycoperdon pratense ---- Meadow Puffball.
Lycoperdon perlatum ---- Common Puffball.
Bovista plumbea --- Grey Puffball.
Geastrum triplex ---- Collared Earthstar.
Cyathus striatus ---- Fluted Bird’s-nest.


Collybia fusipes ---- Spindle Toughshank.
Clitocybe nebularis ---- Clouded Agaric.
Hypholoma fasciculare ---- Sulphurtuft.
Tricholoma terreum --- Grey Knight.
Tricholoma sulphureum ---- Sulphur Knight. This has a strong smell of coal-gas (sulphur).
Camarophyllopsis foetens --- Stinking Fanvault. Lives up to its name with a strong mothball or coal-gas smell which gets worse and then described as faecal! A seldom recorded species.
Laccaria amethystina ---- Amethyst Deceiver.
Inocybe geophylla ---- White Fibrecap.
Inocybe lilacina ---- Lilac Fibrecap.
Cortinarius trivialis ---- Girdled Webcap.
Gymnopilus penetrans ----- Common Rustgill.

Polyporus leptocephalus ---- Blackfoot Polypore.

Leccinum scabrum ---- Brown Birch Bolete.

Russula xerampelina ---- Crab Brittlegill.
Russula caerulea ----- Humpback Brittlegill.
Lactarius deliciosus ---- Saffron Milkcap.

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum ---- Jelly Tooth.

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