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Monday, 9 November 2015

Clavaria atroumbrina

Clavaria atroumbrina. The first find in Britain was 1882 from Shropshire and the next in 1992 from North Somerset!  The next 7 records are from Wales, three from Gelli Aur on a BMS foray (2006) but by different collectors on different 'lawns'.  Of the 13 records, one is from Ireland and five from England.
This specimen grows on the tiny lawn of my next-door neighbour in Burry Port.  It looks rather sad but the longitudinal ridges and furrows can just be seen.  It has not been seen for two years but has been there previously.  This tiny lawn is just mown regularly but no fertiliser/weedkiller used.  Some years the lawn has a few Green-winged Orchids.  Sometimes you don't need to travel far to see rare fungi!

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