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Friday, 20 November 2015

Crucibulum laeve --- Common Bird's Nest

Crucibulum laeve --- Common Bird's Nest.
These tiny bird's nest fungi were seen along a wood-chip covered path in Pembrey Country Park.  The young fb's have a membranous yellow 'lid' which disintegrates at maturity revealing the 'eggs'.  Each 'egg' (peridiole containing spores) has a fine thread attached.  When a raindrop splashes out an 'egg' the thread gets attached to nearby grass so the spores are liberated from a higher level ---- cunning!

I wonder if the slug (centre of photo) has had eggs for breakfast?  I have seen Cruibulum from time to time at Pembrey (FRDBI 1981), on woodchip or sawdust piles, but not for several years so nice to find again.

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  1. We had a spectacular outbreak of Cyathus olla on mulch on the Broadwalk 2 years ago. Not seen since and I've never seen this type of bird's nest fungus.